A proper strategy should pass a basic test: simple, actionable, and achievable.
Every successful business I've been part of can be explained on a white board in 15 minutes or less. In my talks, I advise audiences on creating a business plan that passes the simplicity test. I inspire people to figure out where they'd like to be in three years and how to get there. 

As an entrepreneur, I've worn every type of hat. From that initial cup of coffee to maximizing your sales team's performance, my talks encompass all stages of running your own business through a focused lens. My most-loved presentations include:




Let's evaluate.

Energy, timing, and war stories. In this talk, I discuss how I structure my businesses go out for a raise with just 30 days’ notice. You'll learn how to spot signs of optimal money-raising times and how to best focus your efforts. Using my firsthand war stories as examples, you'll get an inside scoop on lessons from selling three business and buying five. 



The healthy guide to where you live.

The key to making those sales is understanding what defines a remarkable customer experience. Using personal examples from the gratifying customer experiences I've created in nine companies, audience members will understand how to capture their business' spark and make it actionable in sales. In this talk, you'll be equipped with the technology, tools, tips, and tricks to start your journey today.



Health starts at home.

When it comes to business prospects, big data is your friend—and I've laid out the steps for success. Identify social signals to determine if someone will need your service or product often before they do. Build a highly targeted thought leadership campaign to intensely market 50-100 prospects with a 30-40% conversion rate. In this talk, I'll share the tool suite and process I've developed to create predictable leads for my business—and soon, yours.



Plant-based doesn't have to be challenging.

If your sales management strategy is feeling stale, this talk is for you. Using examples of how I've created +30% growth in eight different companies, you'll learn the necessary changes to upgrade your traditional selling methodology and team. I'll share with you the secrets of how to implement a machine that delivers results, month after month, and warns you when market conditions have changed.