Vegan Protein Powders


I talk about protein powder a lot. I have at least one protein smoothie a day, if not two! That’s because I eat a plant-based diet and I weight train, so getting enough protein is crucial for me. I try to consume 114 -130g of protein a day. This is NOT the same for everyone; it depends on your diet, lifestyle and activity level. However, I will say that either supplementing with plant-based protein, or replacing a meal with it, can be very healthy!

Vegan protein powder uses plant sources of protein (like pea, hemp, chia, etc.), versus animal sources of protein (like whey). There are numerous selections, and I think this tends to overwhelm people in deciding which is the best. Here is a little breakdown of my favorite brands:


Garden of Life

Ingredients: I love that this brand uses quality, organic ingredients. The protein source comes from: pea, brown rice, amaranth sprout, and buckwheat.

Taste: When it comes to taste, this one is pretty plain. I actually like this about it though! I like being able to control the sweetness in my smoothies. If you're not blending with fruit, then I recommend adding in cacao powder, stevia, or cinnamon when you want it a tad sweeter. But if you're adding banana, then try it without any other sweeteners.



Vegan Smart

Ingredients: Most of the ingredients are good, but there are two things I wish I could fix: 1) I don’t like that it has added sugar.  2) It uses potato as a source of protein. Not that I don’t ever eat potatoes, but I think when it comes to protein powder there are leaner sources of protein available. However, besides that, the other ingredients are good. The other protein sources come from: pea, hemp, chia, and chlorella.

Taste: This one is my favorite for tasting right now. My personal favorite is combining the vanilla with cacao powder and peanut butter. Now, it does come in chocolate flavor, but for some reason combining the vanilla + cacao just tastes better to me. :)  


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Vega Sport Performance

Ingredients: These ingredients are clean, but nothing special. It’s a very simple blend. The protein sources come from: pea, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, and alfalfa. If you like your protein powder to also be a super food blend, this one probably isn’t the best choice. But, you could easily add in your own ingredients when blending. It mixes well with other seeds and powders.

Taste: This used to be my favorite tasting protein, specifically the mocha and chocolate. Admittedly, I think I had it way too much and I’ve since become really sick of it. I will say that in the beginning, it was my favorite taste by far. Definitely try those 2 flavors, just don’t over-do it like I did!


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