My Favorite Travel Looks

Soo, I’m in New York (yes, again!) and feel like this is the perfect time to share a couple of my go-to travel looks/pieces that are so easy to pack and can work for any event/outing. I really hope you like this new content! I’m trying to branch out a little more and show you some of my favorite looks in fashion and athleisure so you can see more into my day-to-day life so please comment on my posts or DM me and let me know!

1: My Dinner Look: I’ve been kind of obsessed with having more of a simple look but then wearing something that’s a little more of a statement. This is definitely true when I’m traveling since I always like to have simple clothes with me so that I can mix & match my outfits, but I also always bring a couple statement pieces. My favorite one right now is this red faux fur coat - try throwing it on with an all black outfit & you’ll have an automatic effortless look! The Jace Heel has also become one of my newest staples- it’s so easy to pair with a simple outfit and is probably one of the trendiest pieces I have in my closet :)

2: My Night Out Dress: One of the easiest things for me to pack are dresses - I can go on and on about dresses but my favorite night-out dress right now is this Burmese dress… dress it up with knee high boots or keep it casual with black and gold flats, it’s literally perfect for both :) I’m also loving the Zander Mini Dress, which is something that I’d wear to a lunch or a work event.

3: My Work Look: I’ve been loving blazers recently- they’re such an easy thing to throw on and look like you actually put in effort when really all you did was put on a jacket :) I especially love the Iris Jacket since it’s perfect to go to work in and look sophisticated but also trendy at the same time. I love pairing it with tight black biker shorts and either clunky shoes or strappy heels.

To Health and Beauty xx


Dr. Mona Vand