Simplify Your Wellness Routine


I was really excited to write this blog post, because I think it will help a lot of you. One of biggest observations I’ve made with anyone who wants to live a healthier life, is that they don’t have the right routine down. Having a routine that flows is SO crucial for adopting healthy habits. It’s similar to the concept of Feng Shui; harmonizing your environment will make everything flow and feel more positive.

Any little thing that can make your routine easier is worth the investment. Whether it's a small investment of your time, money, or energy... if it's going to make a difference longterm, it's worth it. The easier and more seamless you make things, the less stressful your healthy routine will feel. It’s so important to make your routine a positive experience so that you actually look forward to it and continue it daily. Here are some really helpful organization tips that will help you optimize your routine:

Disposable to-go coffee cups and smoothie cups

This alone has saved me so much headache and frustration. Whenever I would try to make smoothies or tea to go in a reusable cup I would feel flustered, for different reasons. Sometimes I couldn’t find it because I left it in my car or at work, and that would frustrate me. Other times I would have a cup, but it would be dirty and smell AWFUL (have you ever not washed out your protein shaker? It’s indescribably disgusting), then I would have to wash it in the morning when I’m already in a rush. These things would honestly cause me to not make a smoothie in the morning. Then I would either grab something else to go that wasn’t as healthy, or end up spending more money on buying something, and not always being able to get the ingredients I want. I can’t stress this enough; these cups are a lifesaver! Let me also mention that there are many eco-friendly options. The cups I use are all recycled, biodegradable, and eco-friendly.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are super cute, inexpensive, and make eating healthy enjoyable. Get as many as you want, and separate all of your super foods, protein powders, etc. into their own mason jar. Lay them out on your counter or pantry, and have them organized and easy to see. I’d even recommend going as far as putting individual sized scoops in each of them. For example: If you have chia seeds, a good daily amount is 1 tablespoon (you can find this on the package). So put a mini tablespoon inside that specific mason jar - you can find these on amazon for less than $5 each. Now when you make a smoothie, oatmeal, etc., you don’t have to think about measurements when you’re in a rush, you won’t be messy or spill anything on the counter, and you’ll have minimal dishes to wash.

Nightstand Essentials

Water, vitamins, cleansing wipes, moisturizer. If I had to pick just 4 things to stay on my nightstand, this is what they would be. Here’s why:

Vitamins: One of the biggest reasons people are noncompliant with taking vitamins is that they forget. Leaving them on your nightstand so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up (or right when you’re going to bed) is so helpful. It doesn’t matter if you prefer morning or night, I just recommend taking them at the same time everyday.

Water: Equally as important as vitamins, because without it, those vitamins are not being taken! You would think it would be simple to just go to the kitchen and grab a glass of water, but don’t fool yourself, because as soon as you crawl into bed, even reaching for the remote is a struggle. :)  Let’s make wellness habits as easy as possible.

Cleansing wipes: These are a must. Cleansing your face morning and night is beyond important. Not only because it prevents breakouts, but also because it keeps skin feeling fresh and clean. You know that feeling you have when you wake up in the morning after falling asleep on the couch, with all your clothes on, and without washing off your makeup before bed? You almost feel disheveled, which is not a relaxing feeling to wake up to! It’s stressful! However, waking up to fresh, hydrated, clean skin is great. I’m telling you, all of these things are connected.  The healthier, cleaner, and more beautiful you feel, the more positive you’ll feel, and the more motivated you’ll be to continue healthy habits.

Now, think of some little things that would make your morning just a little less stressful. Whatever it is, do it! I'd love to hear your ideas, so leave them in the comments if you try any!

WellnessDr. Mona Vand