Quick Travel Tips: Wellness & Beauty

Wanted to share these tips that i’ve been LIVING by while i travel. They’re all super easy & inexpensive and will have you walking off the plane fresh, hydrated and with a little glow 🤩


Every time I travel I carry a big purse. It’s kind of like a second carry on that you can put all of your essentials in. This is the one you see in almost all of my videos (in black), it’s completely turned into my travel / laptop / work bag. The chicest workbag ever, if I do say so myself ;)


I love makeup removing wipes on planes because they’re easy and convenient. Much easier than packing an oil cleanser which is what I usually use to remove makeup when I’m home (I think oil cleansers are much gentler on the skin). BUT, on planes, wipes are great and a necessity! I use them as a makeup remover or a cleanser if I’m taking a red eye. That’s why I really like these Burt’s Bees makeup removing wipes because they not only take your makeup off, but they also cleanse your face!


This one is an absolute must. Even just walking onto the plane is so dirty and filled with germs so I always have a little spray bottle of the EO french lavender hand sanitizer.


I love bringing oils planes because your skin will naturally soak it up more since the air is dry on a plane. My go-to is Dermalogica Phytoreplenish oil! It leaves your skin so smooth and hydrated!


Like I said, planes are super drying for your skin and body so make sure you take precaution :) Don’t forget to bring your lip balm (I like this one) and apply every couple hours or so.


I love bringing chlorophyl drops with me on the plane because it’s such an easy way to boost your health and immunity. I use these Sakara Life drops and put 2-3 drops in my water for the best results!


I LOVE Four Sigmatic but I specifically like the golden turmeric flavor when I’m traveling to help fight inflammation (also love their coffee packets for flights too, much better quality than airplane coffee!)

Dr. Mona Vand