How to Grow Thicker Brows

I’ve gotten so many questions on my Insta about my eyebrows recently. Mainly because they’ve gotten a little wild, LOL, but there’s a method to my madness…

I’ve been going to @striiike ... and they have a very specific theory on eyebrows. The theory here is that your hair grows on an 8 week cycle, so if you don’t touch your brows for that amount of time over a period of time, you’re basically training all of them to grow on the same cycle. Usually my brows grow out every week, and it’s sporadic. Also, every time you pluck a hair, you restart that hair’s growth cycle. I didn’t want to have so much maintenance and also, I have a naturally really high arch and wanted my brows to be a little straighter and thicker. So enter: the 8 week no-maintenance process. Not only does this help your hair grow in all at the same time, but it also helps NEW hair grow in. Like you could have way thicker brows than you think. Mine were pretty good to begin with, but they’re so much better now already!

Here’s the thing - this process may take close to year, but once the year is over, I will have much less maintenance on them so it’ll be worth it! Ultimately THAT’S why my brows have been a tad (or very) crazy looking (social media is great at pointing out your flaws 😆)

A few other tips you’re trying to grow thicker brows, this is definitely one of the best ways to do it but a couple other options are:

1) Avoid the temptation to pluck

2) Exfoliate the eyebrow area daily to help stimulate hair growth. ...

3) Use castor oil

Dr. Mona Vand