Favorite Vegan Brand Substitutes 

Favorite vegan brand substitutes 

You can pretty much make anything plant-based, which is why I  never feel food deprived! I really want to get this point across and help anyone reading this who wants to get healthier.  Over the years of me being vegan/plant-based, I’ve found so many creative (and easy) ways to make the things that I used to eat, but in a healthier version using brands with cleaner ingredients.

So if you’re vegan or want to go vegan but are worried that you’re going to miss the things that you’re giving up, have no fear :)  Read below as I share a few of my favorite go-to brands when those cravings hit!  

1: 🧀 Cheese substitutes: @kitehillfoods, @miyokoscreamery, nutritional yeast  

  • There’s a couple  reasons I like these brands: taste & quality! They both taste amazing, and they’re both nut-based (as opposed to soy based). Kite Hill is almond based and miyokos is a thicker/heavier cashew base. Both have their place and are great.

2: 🍔 Burger substitutes: @beyondmeat, @impossible_foods,, @drpraegers

  • The overall winner is the beyond meat burger, because it’s soy-free and gluten-free,  made with pea protein, and tastes AMAZING. The impossible burger isn’t as healthy per say (it’s pretty high in fat), but wow, it tastes EXACTLY like a burger. More than the beyond meat one. So for those days you’re really craving a true burger taste and texture (and for your non-vegan friends that want something like the real thing), that’s the winner. Dr Praeger’s is delicious, but tastes more like a veggie burger, it doesn’t taste as similar to a real burger as the other two.

3: 🥛 Milk substitutes: @malkorganics OBSESSED - the cleanest best brand but has to be refrigerated and lasts 8 days. A good back up to keep in the cupboard @so_delicious

  • Malk Organics is my aboluste favorite. I’m obsessed. However, it only lasts 8 days (because there are no fillers or junk, so it doesn’t last longer than real food should!). So Delicious is a great “emergency” milk. I keep a few in the cupboard at all times, for those times I want a bowl of cereal and am out of milk, or need it for a recipe, etc. 

4: 💛 Butter substitutes: coconut oil works like a charm, but @miyokoscreamery and @nutiva also make great ones!

Dr. Mona Vand