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One of the most frustrating feelings when it comes to health and wellness is when you’re doing everything right… except you’re not seeing any results. Maybe you’ve tried keto, intermittent fasting, two-a-day workouts, juice diets, etc. etc. but nothing’s working. I’ve honestly been there too, so I wanted to share a couple health habits that may be holding you back from achieving your fitness goals.

One of the most common mistakes people make actually has nothing to do with physical fitness… it has to do with the mental aspect of fitness (which is half the battle!). If you’re doing all of the right things but not seeing the results you want, try focusing on what’s going on within your body. If you’re constantly stressing over what you eat or getting anxious about taking a rest day, this could be a major sign that you’re in an unhealthy mental space. This could mean that your body is actually holding on to extra weight because your overly stressed or anxious!

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If this resonates with you, my tip would be to take a step back and start meditating, practice yoga, and compliment yourself every day. Also, start incorporating some self-love into your daily routine and doing things to boost your confidence, whatever that may be!

A couple simple things that really work for me are: a cute outfit and using the Amazon Echo Look...

The outfit I’m wearing in the picture below is from Under Armour. There’s something to say about wearing an outfit that feels AND looks good. I know that whenever I wear workout apparel that flatters me, I feel confident and motivated to go to the gym or to a workout class. That’s why I love this look from Under Armour (I’m wearing the Unstoppable Move Light Full Zip Hood, the Seamless Longline Bra, the Play Up Pants, and the HOVR SLK Evo sneaker).  If you’re like me and you also feel empowered in chic workout apparel, Amazon is offering a FREE Echo Look device to all Amazon customers who purchase workout apparel from a selection of Under Armour products!

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Ok now let’s talk about the Amazon Echo Look...

It's literally the coolest thing. Here’s how it works: you download the app on your phone and sync it with the device, then use your voice to take a pic (“Alexa, take my pic. Or “Alexa, take a video”), and it lets you take full length pictures and videos from EVERY angle!

From there, your pics are saved in a section called “my looks,”you can get a second opinion on which outfit looks the best with a feature called “Style Check,” and you can even create a personal look book. Other perks? It also connects to Alexa so you can check the weather outside, play your favorite music, and set a timer (so that you don’t take too long to get ready!) and more.

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So now that you’ve tackled feeling confident in your exercise gear, let’s go over a couple other common mistakes that I see people make.

1: eating enough food

2: not getting enough sleep

3: not drinking enough water

4: not giving your body enough time to rest!

All of the above are KEY ingredients to a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re working out and burning 200-600 calories, yet not properly fueling your body with healthy foods, your body is going to react by holding on to whatever you DO eat and storing it as fat (your body basically goes into survivor mode). Instead, try nourishing your body with three large meals and a snack or two (if you feel hungry). I recommend eating lots of fresh vegetables, plant-based protein, some healthy fats (avocado, walnuts, almond butter), clean grains (quinoa, rice, lentils) and if you’re a meat eater then stick to lean meat and wild-caught fish.

Your sleep schedule should be a priority, so focus on getting 6-8 hours of sleep for maximum daily performance. You may not think that sleep is important, but I promise it’s vital to your health, and weight. It gives your body time to rejuvenate, balance your hormones, digest your food, detox, helps with muscle recovery, and more.

The last mistake I see people make is probably the easiest to work on: staying hydrated. That just means drinking water constantly, throughout the day. Sometimes your body isn’t responding to all of the work you’re putting in because of something so simple as dehydration. Try to be mindful of the fact that your body loses water every time you sweat, so you have to help it replenish by drinking enough!

If you’re struggling with weight loss, I hope one or a couple of these resonated with you and you really make a conscious effort to eat well, sleep well, work hard, and most importantly, love yourself. I promise these will help you get back on track :)



Dr. Mona Vand