7 Healthy Snacks on the go

A really common concern I hear from people involves finding healthy snacks for when they’re on the go. “What can I eat that’s quick, easy, AND healthy?” is a common question, especially for those of you who are nurses or working night shifts, as that can be a tricky hour.

Well, never fear! If you’re trying to be healthy and are newly vegan or vegetarian, I’ve got some recommendations for you. These snacks will keep you feeling full and energized, but also won’t make you gain any unhealthy or unnecessary weight.

By the end of this article, you’ll see that it’s actually not that hard to have healthy snacks on hand wherever you go. Lets get to it, shall we?


#1. Power Balls & Power Snacks

The first thing I want to talk to you about is power balls, power snacks, and/or energy bites.

They’re basically just a combination of things like cashews, dates, different kinds of nuts and seeds, and almond butters, and you can make them into little balls or squares.

Some of them are no-bake, but some of them you can. (I like those made by Navitas, like their coffee cacao variety). They taste like granola bars, cookies, or some combination… but they’re healthy!

These are so much better for you than going out and buying a granola bar because there’s SO much processed sugar in those - just so much processing in general! You can buy these but you can also make them on your own. It’s so simple.

*When it comes to food combining, these aren’t perfectly food-combined, but when you’re eating plant-based you really don’t have to worry about being 100% food-combined all the time. If you’re cheating a little bit for a snack on the go, it’s okay - at least I do!

#2. Raw Snacks

The next thing I want to talk about is raw snacks. When you’re eating raw, it’s much better for your gut.  I always say that when you can eat raw, do it. For example, when it’s something like a cracker or a chip, it’s easier to eat raw because you don’t even notice a difference.

Also make sure when you’re buying nuts and seeds they’re not roasted or salted. You want to get them raw so you can digest them better. Oftentimes, when you aren’t digesting something well, that’s what leads to bloating, and that’s what you might THINK is weight gain.

Raw nuts, raw crackers... I love these. One of my favorite brands is Go Raw. Their zesty pizza flavor with sprouted flaxseed is GREAT for bloating. Ingredients include sprouted flaxseed, sunflower seed, sesame seed, tomato powder, and garlic powder. So simple. Nut free.

#3. Avocado

The next thing (I love this one) is avocado!

I’ve always said that I like to travel with an avocado in my purse on airplanes and some people think it’s difficult because, obviously, it’s messy to cut open. What you can do here is pre-slice, and add to tupperware or a sandwich bag, this makes it much less messy. Just adding avocado to whatever you have access to (salad, rice, etc.) can make your snack more fulfilling, tastier, and more nutritious... and it’ll give you a really good boost of energy (healthy fats are really what give us that INSTANT energy).

Or, you can just eat it on its own! One thing I like to do is create my own kind of makeshift guacamole. It’s so simple, and you can also take your avocado as-is, grab some crackers, and dip right into it!

#4. Vegetables

Next are veggies. I know this sounds boring and it’s extremely cliché, but I want to introduce you to a DIFFERENT kind of veggie snack.

Think a little outside the box. Veggies aren’t just carrots and celery sticks. There are so many amazing things that taste SO good. Raw green beans (which you don’t just have to eat boiled with butter), snow peas, sugar snap peas, bell peppers…

Fun fact: Just one cup of chopped red bell pepper actually contains 3x more vitamin C than an orange.

You can NEVER have too many vegetables. I don’t care what kind of diet you’re on, no one’s ever going to limit your veggies. It’s not as boring as it seems. You can even pair them with your avocado above!

#5. Celery & Vegan Cream Cheese

This is a snack I’ve loved ever since I was a child. I wasn’t vegan growing up, but now I am, and I’m so glad I found the brand Kite Hill because it’s the only vegan cream cheese that doesn’t have soy.

However much you can limit soy the better. I do have soy in my diet, but where I can cut it out, I like to, especially when things taste and quality aren’t being compromised. Not much else to say here! Celery with cream cheese is one of my favorite snacks in the world.

#6. Oatmeal

Next we have oatmeal. When it comes to money saving, I like buying things in bulk, so I often buy a big thing of steel cut oatmeal. But when it comes to snacking, this is one time when I’d recommend buying little individual packs of oatmeal instead.

ALWAYS get plain. Whenever you get anything in an individual pack, make sure it’s completely plain so YOU can be in control of how you want to sweeten it. When you buy things that are processed the quality is lower. A good brand of oatmeal to look into is by a company called Nature’s Path.

#7. Chia Seed Pudding

And lastly, I have to mention chia seed pudding. This might be my favorite snack of all. It takes a little bit of preparation but it’s nothing too crazy. You can go in SO many different directions and totally make this your own, but here’s the most basic way to make it:

  • Take 6 tbsp of chia seeds and put into a mason jar or tupperware
  • Add 2 cups of almond milk or nut milk (always buy unsweetened)
  • Shake or stir it up with a spoon
  • Let it sit for a little bit (make sure it’s mixed really well)
  • Put it in the fridge for 2 hours (I like to wait overnight for 8 hours)

My go-to spices that don’t add any calories but just add benefits and flavor are cinnamon, a little bit of vanilla, and stevia. What I usually do after it’s done is add cacao powder. I’ll even add a tablespoon of organic maple syrup from time to time. Like I said, there are SO many things you can do.

Chia seeds hold water, keep you full longer, are rich in fiber, and are a good source of protein, so they make an AMAZING snack, whether late-night or mid-day.


That’s it! These are my 7 healthy snacks for when you’re on the go. If you have any questions about any of the ingredients or the brands mentioned here, please leave them in the comments!


Dr. Mona Vand