Staying Motivated in the Fall

I feel like October/fall came especially fast this year- not sure if it was because I was traveling a lot during the summer or what but it feels like I blinked and now it’s October!

The thing that I find most challenging though is maintaining the motivation to workout when it’s gloomy and cold outside and would much rather stay indoors watching Netflix… so I wanted to share with you guys some of the ways that I stay motivated in the fall, which makes it that much easier to continue to stay motivated in the winter so it’s a win-win :)

1: Treat Yourself (to new workout clothes!): I can’t remember if it was one of my trainers or friends who said this but I was once told “there’s no such thing as bad weather… there are only bad clothing choices.” Which is something I’ve found to be really true- when the weather gets colder you usually can’t just wear the same things you’ve been wearing throughout the summer. Plus, I’ve found that getting a couple of new pieces for the fall/winter may help motivate you. It can obviously get really expensive to buy new things for each new season so I’ve been buying my cute/trendy fall workout clothes from Fabletics since it’s affordable but still just as cute as other brands. One of my most recent finds at Fabletics is this really cute tight long sleeve shirt and just the feeling of wearing something cute and new has already helped with my motivation levels.

2: Let Yourself Stay Inside: If it’s super gloomy or cold out and you literally don’t even feel like you can get out of bed (I’ve been there!) then I 100% recommend getting your workout done inside in the comfort of your own home. I feel like at-home workouts are super underrated since most people think you need equipment to get a really good sweat in but try doing a 25-45 minute workout and I promise, you’ll see that that’s not true at all! I like to set myself up in my living room and make a real workout space for myself. I push my coffee table aside and I grab my yoga mat and my ankle weights and I either make up a workout, follow along to a Melissa Wood Health workout, or I just find a quick routine on Youtube- it’s so easy and you’ll feel so good afterwards!

3: Remind Yourself Why It Matters to You: When we start to lack motivation, we can easily dig ourselves into a hole by thinking thoughts like “why am I even doing this” or “I’m so tired I’ll just get back on track next week.” Sometimes we actually do need to give our bodies a break but sometimes we just need to remind ourselves why working out matters to us. My favorite way to do this is to write all my thoughts/feelings/whatever else in my cute little five minute journal. I’ve had this in my Amazon shop store for a while but I haven’t really talked much about why I love it and the main reason is because I can track how I was feeling and I can also see that I got over it and was able to get back on track, which is sometimes all I need for a little extra motivation. It’s also super cathartic to write your thoughts down every day for just five minutes so if you end up doing this share your experience with me!