Easy Natural Makeup Tutorial

I have a very distinct makeup look I like. That might even be an understatement, because I rarely do any other looks! It’s called: “no makeup makeup.” No makeup makeup is the kind of makeup that contours, bronzes and highlights you in all the right places. So much so that it makes people look at you and think “she’s so GLOWY. What is that?”  It’s the perfect look for a daytime event, a pool party, skiing, or any kind of event that doesn’t really require makeup, but you still want to stand out at.

Now, in this video I’m getting my makeup done professionally.  I thought it would be better for a professional to show you the real tricks!  I will definitely also do my own tutorial where I show you guys how I do my own makeup. Same look, but less steps (and of course not as good as Angie - she is SO good). 


One thing you’ll notice about this tutorial is that it’s not overly edited – meaning we didn’t speed anything up. Sometimes when I watch makeup tutorials that are sped up it’s a bit intimidating, because I’m like “wait… how did you just go from marks all of your face to looking perfectly contoured?!” We kept this video raw so you could really see exactly how it’s done.


Lastly, here are links to all the products we used in the video:


  1. Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream 
  2. Becca Aqua Luminous Foundation - color: Tan
  3. Jour eye primer 
  4. Becca Cosmetics Apri Ski Glow Collection Eye Lights Palette
  5. Stila Smudge Stick  Eye Liner - color: Lionfish
  6. Kevyn Aucoin - The Precision Brow Pencil
  7. Stila Correct palette
  8. Becca Sunlit Bronzer: color: Capri Coast
  9. Becca Luminous Blush- color: Blushed Copper
  10. Becca Fig Beach Tint 
  11. Kevyn Aucoin Lip Gloss - Color: Dahliana
  12. Setting spray  - Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day