Instagram Live with @UncleRush (Russell Simmons)

Every Monday I do a live Q&A Session on Instagram. I love including a cohost, and this week I was joined by one of my closest friends, mentor, hip hop mogul, entrepreneur and yogi (phew!), Russell Simmons. Our Instagram live focused on meditation and yoga. Russell kept it real - as always - as he discussed his path to meditation and how it's impacted his life for the better.

This video is pretty funny, especially the beginning. You'll see how Russell really has no filter, and I'm trying to keep it together for the sake of being live (LOL). That's why he is who he is, though! He keeps it 100 and stays true to himself, never paying attention to outside noise or criticism.  It's one of the many reasons he's my mentor. He teaches those around him to "keep your head down and focus"... focus on your mission, your path, and your goals. Meditation really helps you get to this state of mind. Watch this video and listen closely to his words. Enjoy xx.