Instagram Live with @LeylaMilani

I had so much fun filming this video with Leyla Milani! Over 90,000 people from around the world joined us as we answered their health and beauty questions live. That's pretty incredible. I love that we were able to connect with so many different people. Even though we intended on focusing the talk around beauty and skincare, we also answered questions on diet, health, business, and personal life.

Leyla is a model, entrepreneur, mom of 2, and BOSS! It's easy to throw around words like "boss babe" and "entrepreneur", but this woman truly embodies these characteristics. I've personally been to her office and seen her in action. She's juggling numerous businesses, while at the same time talking to me about her children, their diets, and how she strives to keep them as healthy as possible. She really is impressive.  One of my favorite things about Leyla is that she's so glam and beautiful, yet so sweet and down to earth. Watch this video and you'll see for yourself :) 


Skincare & BeautyDr. Mona Vand