Healthy Crepe Alternative

I posted a pic of this crepe (well, my version of a crepe) on my Instagram stories a few days ago and wanted to share the recipe. I’m REALLY into taking my favorite unhealthy foods and making my own healthy version of them. It’s actually fun for me (that’s when you know you love what you do). This healthy crepe is soooo good I actually can’t believe it every time I eat it. It’s one of the exclusive recipes in my online course Hot and Healthy, but it’s too good not to share with everyone :)


A traditional crepe is basically a thin pancake with a yummy filling inside. So my version of a crepe isn’t much different, except the “pancake” portion is a gluten-free, grain-free, vegan tortilla, the filling is all natural and organic, and it’s actually GOOD for you. Here's some info on the ingredients I use:


Siete Cassava & Chia Tortillas

These are one of the best grocery store finds I’ve had in years. They are paleo, soy-free, and vegan. And they work beautifully for any kind of wrap! One thing to note is that with most gluten-free bread or wraps, including this one, they taste significantly better when heated. When they’re cold they have a weird texture and they tend to crumble and break apart. All you have to do is heat it for 10-15 seconds on the stove.


MaraNatha Almond Butter

I recommend always getting raw almond butter. It's better digested than roasted almond butter, so your body will absorb more of the healthy fats (which happen to be great for your hair and skin). MaraNatha is my favorite brand. Another great brand is Artisana, but it tends to not be as smooth as this brand.