Soaking Lentils

The other day I posted an Instagram story of the lentils I was soaking overnight. I just wanted to give a quick explanation and share the benefits of soaking nuts, seeds and legumes! 

It's all about improving digestion.

By soaking these foods in water, you’re improving the way your body digests and absorbs the nutrients. It actually makes a world of difference. 

Lentils, nuts and seeds have an outer layer that essentially protects them until they’re put in an environment where they’re ready to be sprouted. This environment is water. That’s why seeds are planted and watered, so that they can eventually sprout become plants.  When you eat seeds, nuts and legumes without soaking them they haven’t yet had the chance to sprout and germinate. This makes them more difficult to digest, and makes their many nutrients and vitamins less available for absorption. 

I filmed a quick video (very raw!) of how I prepared and cooked the lentils after soaking them. I just wanted to film it to show you how easy it was to make a big batch of food that’s vegan, high in protein, a great source of iron, and so versatile. Lentils and quinoa should be go-to’s!