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Science is beautiful.


As a pharmacist, I understand wellness at a chemical level.

Most pharmacists believe in filling prescriptions. I believe in a healthy lifestyle. Medication is only part of the equation for maximum health. Wellness stems from diet, exercise, and mindset.

 I teach my health methods to over 100k people on a daily basis and regularly appear on the media. I’ve been featured on NBC, The Telegraph, The Doctors, and more.

 You’ll never see me promote something I don’t believe in. I want the best for people and have a genuine passion for wellness and beauty.

 I consider myself lucky to have a fan base who believes in health as much as I do. Let’s make the world a healthier place, one smart decision at a time!



Learn more about how I use science to fuel my life’s choices—and yours.



Sometimes you just need a kickstart. Let me push you to be your very best.



It all comes down to ingredients. Here are the products I’m loving right now.



My community deserves the very best ethical and effective product or services.


Health is a mindset.

If you’re interested in having me talk at your event or company, let’s make it happen! The information below gives you an idea about my prepared talks.



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