Ask Dr. Mona - Concerns With Eating Soy

In this video I answer an Instagram question about common concerns people have regarding soy. Here's a quick video recap: 

With all the negative information circling around about soy, it's understandable that you would have concerns. Take note that a lot of negative information, articles, etc. regarding soy are put out by meat industries. It is in their best interest for you to continue eating meat as a source of protein instead of soy, so the scarier they make it sound, the better!

One of the biggest concerns is GMO soy. My personal solution is to eat it in moderation, and only choose organic, non-gmo soy products (mainly non-gmo tofu, edamame, and tempeh). What's the alternative? Acidic meat that's injected with hormones and antibiotics? (Yes, the animal meat you're eating likely has traces of hormones, antidepressants, and antibiotics). 

Bottom line: limiting soy to 1-2 times a week is a good idea, however organic, non-gmo soy is also OK in moderation.