Ask Dr. Mona - Treating Eye Wrinkles vs Puffiness (Men and Women!)

In this video I answer an Instagram question about puffy eyes and under-eye wrinkles. Here's a quick video recap: 

Treating puffy eyes and wrinkles are two completely different things, and should be treated differently!

  1. Puffiness: Often caused from allergies and dilated vessels around the eyes. An expensive beauty "hack" is Preparation H! Even though it's marked for hemorrhoids, it works the same way to treat both, which is by shrinking blood vessels, which can reduce swelling. Another option is adding Vitamin K to your diet, or using products with Vitamin K.
  2. Wrinkles: Often caused from loss of collagen/thinning skin. My favorite ingredients and what I've seen work best are Vitamin C  and Hyaluronic Acid. They work to boost collagen production (Vitamin C), and hydrate the area (Hyaluronic Acid), making the area around the eyes more full, plump and smooth.