Ask Dr. Mona - Does fruit have too much sugar?

In this video I answer an Instagram question about fruit: How much is too much? Here's a quick video recap:

I'm not very limiting about the amount of fruit you can consume, just more limiting about eating it at the right times. Fruit is digested very quickly, faster than any other food group. For this reason, it should be eaten before other foods, not after. The digestive tract is like a train track: you can't pass. Anything behind the first "train" will just get backed up! For this reason, always try to eat the fastest digesting foods (fruit) first, and the slowest digesting foods (starches, protein) last. If you eat fruit after a big starchy meal, or protein, it will get backed up in the GI tract while the other food is taking it's time getting digested (3-4 hours), start to ferment, and then cause bloating. This is a common reason as to why people think fruit makes them "fat." When eaten properly, it doesn't!

As a general guideline:

  • Only eat fruit in the morning, or on an empty stomach. 
  • Don't combine most fruit with other foods, with the exception of bananas and acai, which combine well in smoothies and protein shakes