Ask Dr. Mona - I'm cutting calories, why am I not losing weight?

In this video I address an Instagram question about weight loss struggles. Here's a quick video recap:

Losing weight is not all about cutting calories! It's about the type of food you're eating. Quality matters the most.  

Instead of comparing calories, choose foods like this:

  • Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Fibrous carbohydrates (sweet potatoes, yams, quinoa)
  • Lean proteins (edamame, organic sprouted tofu, tempeh)

On the contrary, here are some foods that have less calories than the examples I listed above, but that I highly recommend avoiding: 

  • Diet sodas 
  • 100 calories snack packs (Oreos, Chex Mix, Cheez-It)
  • Lean Cuisine or other diet frozen dinners

If you were to just compare the calories from my healthy list to the unhealthy list, the unhealthy list may be lower. But what calories don't tell you are all of the chemicals that go into those foods (that add toxins to your system and make you feel sluggish), or the sodium added to preserve them (that will make you retain water and feel bloated), or the fiber and minerals they're missing (that will help detox your system and encourage weight loss). 

See what I mean? Stick to quality. It always wins.



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